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At the inception of any new commercial facility project there are 5 important questions that should be answered as well as possible before design work on the project commences. The questions are similar even for residential projects. At Architecture For Health, we call these THE BIG FIVE. We call the answered questions the PROJECT ANALYSIS.


What are the required costs of the project? This involves a comprehensive list of items from Land costs and building construction costs to architectural and engineering fees , sitework and permitting costs. Can we find a reliable way to accurately estimate construction costs? The list is always longer and more detailed than we would like to remember. It’s always wisdom to count the costs before we embark on a building project and of course this item is very closely tied to:


Who (what entity) will own the project and how will the project be financed. Will portions of the project be leased by the Owner to other entities? Can the Owner count on a high occupancy rate? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to design a beautiful new building with associated features only to find out that the rental revenues for the offices won’t be enough to cover payments on the proposed loan.


Also closely tied to the project BUDGET is the SCOPE of the project. What is the size requirement of the rooms and spaces in the new building. Are some parts of the building special and more expensive to build? Will the building need to plan for future expansion? How many parking spaces will be consequently required? What is the style and material requirements of the project. Will it have lots of windows or minimal amounts of glass? What is the size of the land if we build the facility as one story or multi-story. How do various systems in the building affect the size of the project. As mentioned above, the scope will often affect the:

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Is the site for the project identified or should multiple sites be evaluated and compared for the project? How much land is required to accomplish the project? Does the land identified have features that make portions of it unusable? Is the site located in a place that will be easily identifiable for the project’s purpose? How do zoning requirements such as setbacks, adjacent neighbors, sign ordinances etc. affect the success of site master planning? Has soil been tested for the project purposes? Will the project require minimal grading or considerable re-shaping? What is the cost of the land in one location vs another and how does that affect the Budget and Ownership/ Financing for the project.


When is the new facility required to be complete for occupancy? Is the expectation reasonable? Will achieving a desired schedule impact the cost of the project. What contingencies are required if the schedule slips. What can be done to prepare an accurate schedule?

Obviously and sometimes not so obviously, each one of the BIG FIVE above affects the others: Once the answers to important questions in each category are answered thoroughly, a site, a building size, a project budget and schedule can be proposed and agreed upon and then design can proceed with the confidence of all parties involved in the project.

Accomplished, Dynamic Architects

Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health is experienced and resourceful, with a dynamic view of how a project can develop. Our architects have years of experience crafting precise plans for a diverse range of projects, spanning from single floor homes to larger, more ambitious structures.

Our holistic perspective of the architectural process makes us uniquely qualified to work on your upcoming project. We view each and every part of both the planning and execution stages as significant in determining the outcome, and work hard to ensure each step is tailored to your exact needs.


When you hire Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health, the first step is to sit down with Brian to go over the full scope of the project. By discussing your vision for the completed work, we can create a comprehensive plan for how everything will unfold.

During these early stages, we work directly with our clients to assess their needs and goals for the project. This helps us determine how to proceed, as well as ensures that from the very start all involved parties are on the same page, and have an established line of communication. Our aim with every project is to exceed client expectations in every aspect of our work.

While every part of the architectural process is essential, the Project Analysis stage is perhaps the most necessary, as it sets the stage for the rest of the project. Mistakes that are made during this step will only be amplified as things move forward, which is why we take extreme care to ensure the client is satisfied with the project analysis before advancing to the next step.

Brian Lathrop is a certified, seasoned architect who brings a vast skillset to the table. With us at the wheel, your vision will be transformed into a beautifully constructed building, completed on time and with respect to your budget.

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