Feasibility Studies in Palm Coast, St. Augustine and Daytona Beach

Designing a building is an exciting undertaking, but there are a number of practical things that must come before the construction phase actually begins. Before you dive in and start planning how you're going to furnish your future home or office, performing a feasibility study or what we call Project Analysis is in order.

This important first step is critical to the success of any project. For a company that brings together years of experience with a keen eye for cutting edge design, Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health is ideally positioned to carry out a careful Project Analysis in Daytona Beach.

What is the Purpose of Project Analysis?

This most critical phase of the work answers all the questions critical to project success before the design process begins. What is the SCOPE of the project, how much will it COST. Who will OWN it and FINANCE it, WHEN is it required, what level of QUALITY is required, what are the site issues?

Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health 3D Rendering

When you have a large-scale design project, you need a partner that will fully understand your vision and act as your representative and oversee the many tasks involved in bringing your project to fruition. At Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health, we have professional services that will take care of both the complex paperwork and making sure the Project goes to plan.

For us, project analysis translates to leading your project with the same care as if it was our own. This means taking full responsibility for every aspect of the construction and making sure that everyone working on the project are all on the same page. While it may be more than many architectural firms want to take on, we are happy to accept the challenge.

One of the keys to successful Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health project analysis is open lines of communication. As the missing link between the owner and the individual teams tasked with various arms of the project, we'll be the informational hub to ensure that you have timely updates and new directives are effectively communicated.

The scope of our services also cover:

  • Zoning/Building Code Analysis
  • Medical Staffing Analysis
  • Architectural Space Programming & Functional Analysis
  • Analyze and meet with special regulation agency e.g. :(AAAHC, AAAAFS, SHPA, State Fire Marshall, etc.)
  • Conceptual Building Diagram
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Scheduling
  • Review Project Analysis package with Owner

What Is Factored Into the Study?

There are many things that Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health takes into consideration when carrying out a feasibility study. Here are just a few:

Space Programming to determine or verify Scope

This process helps you as the Owner look at the project room by room, size by size to assure that the project includes everything needed and desired without going beyond the scope of the project's budget.


Once the desired size of the project is determined, Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health helps you by attaching pricing information to that Scope. Does the site fit the project's budget? Are there certain factors that could potentially end up costing more than the amount that has been allocated? What will it cost to furnish the new facility? Are there any special systems or equipment that should be included in the budget? What are the costs associated with the construction of site work?

What entity or individual will own the project? Who will provide the necessary financing?


What is the impact that construction will have on the surrounding area? Is there another site that would be better suited because the impact would be minimal?

Site Issues, Potential environmental problems

Is the ground suitable for construction? Can it support a plumbing system, or the weight of a building? Is the site located near any areas known for their environmental issues? Proper site analysis must be accomplished to see how this might impact the budget.

Get the Full Story with Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health

As a well-respected architecture firm in Daytona Beach, Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health is an excellent choice for those in need of feasibility studies.

Our thorough and detailed studies have helped many residents make informed decisions about the suitability of a site, for both residential or commercial projects. Get the full story behind the Daytona Beach site you have chosen, and contact us for a feasibility study.

With our feasibility studies, clients are able to make the most of their budgets by finding the most ideal location for their new building. Rather than spending a significant amount of money perfecting a site that is riddled with problems, we can assist you in finding the best location for your budget.

To learn more about how we can assist you, give us a call today.

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