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Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health is proud to specialize in church architectural design. We develop creative solutions that bring spiritual communities together, allowing all to worship in full reverential faith. We also provide a complete range of client care services that help you through every stage of the building process. From initial planning to the final unveiling, we'll be there to make sure the project meets all expectations. When it comes to church architecture, consider us your first point of contact.

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Masterful Church Designs

A church must fulfill many roles: a beacon of worship, center for community, cultural venue. At Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health, we design our churches with those roles in mind. We create masterful designs that harmonize the functional and spiritual, that provide ample space for community while also amplifying your message and mission.

Modern churches are not just a place of worship, but a testament to our faith. They act as a bridge between the timeless traditions of our forebears and 21st-century culture. As a church architecture firm, we help you communicate those traditions through relevant and dynamic architecture. We help you bring your values and vision to life in a single, seamless design that resonates with your audience.

Our church architectural services include:

  • New church planning
  • Church architectural design
  • Expansions and additions
  • Church renovations
  • Site design
  • Project schematics and rendering
  • Project management
  • Document and permit obtainment
  • ...and more

Building Churches, Building Communities

Our churches are designed to service the local community. With that in mind, we incorporate into their designs a vast range of facilities. From Sunday schoolrooms to kitchens and sporting facilities, we consider all possibilities when planning and designing your church.

By following the principles of smart design, we're able to maximize your church's use of space. We plan our designs around efficient floorplans that provide ample seating and recreation, all while driving down the costs of building and facility management. We also offer a range of consultative services to ensure your church is built your way.

We can design your church to include:

  • Kitchen facilities
  • Schoolrooms
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • Gymnasia
  • Offices
  • Community events centers
  • Outdoor facilities
  • ...and more

The Church Architect Committed to Your Needs

Brian Lathrop, Architect & Architecture For Health is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of service to all clients, pastors and parishes included. We provide a personalized service experience tailored to your precise needs. After all, we know that church design and architecture is a specialty industry. It's one that demands our full attention—and that often poses unique challenges for both builder and occupant.

We offer robust planning, frequent communication, and comprehensive solutions to help you meet those challenges head-on. At every stage of your project, we'll be there to ensure a smooth execution of the job.

Bring Your Architectural Vision to Life

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For artful designs, thoughtful guidance, and expert solutions, we are the local church architect to choose. We've helped countless clients bring their ideas to life. They've all appreciated our timeliness and professionalism. We're confident you will too.

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